Perfect Way To Eat Food In Daily Life

Fat are the biggest enemy of our body due to adequate fats our body system is disturbed and many disease like blood sugar ,diabetes over weight etc.
Take place, to control this we should maintain and change eating lifestyle. However, healthy eating is must for maintaining bodily function, so we can
live a life free of disease.If we maintain healthy eating, we may live the best lifestyle without any diseases, here are some important to tips  for
Perfect way to eat food in daily life

1. First we should always start with one glass of water or juice without sugar before eating lunch this will help our digestive system to digest
easily, starting with glass of water or juice our hunger will become less and we will be able to eat less.
2. Second start with soup and salad, soup without cream and butter and salad well washed, Salad Should be taken with lime juice without salt
(you can practice with little salt and stop using salt after some days)our body get’s best vitamins and protein from salad.

lunch can be taken in varieties and can be eat as you wish, As we work during day time it is  digestible easily, apposite to lunch dinner should
Be taken in less quantity and generally light food should be preferred,food should be chewed slowly and eat properly so saliva of our mouth get mixed
with Food which helps in digestion properly.Taking of cake, pasties, ice-cream in daily life is very harmful; make schedule to take once a week, make
practice to eat different type of fruits daily And enjoy your life….